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Pass out the cigars ... hold the Worm jokes
by Mike Fazioli

NEW YORK -- Scotty 2 Hotty rolled his eyes and sadly shook his head. There was that damn question again.
"No, she can't do The Worm yet," the proud new father said of his baby daughter, Taylor. "You're only the millionth person to ask me that."

Clich-ridden questions aside, Scotty was still beaming Monday night at Madison Square Garden, over three weeks after Taylor's birth on Dec. 20. The first child for Scotty and his wife, Terri, weighed in at a healthy 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and timed her big debut perfectly for her Pops. The episodes of RAW and SmackDown! shown over the holidays were taped on Dec. 21-22, but Scotty got to stay behind with his newly-expanded family.

There is, however, one benefit of being back on the road for the new father.

"I get to sleep in on the road," he said. "At home the baby keeps us up a lot, but on the road I get to sleep until noon if I want. I definitely can't do that at home."

Taylor's arrival also gives Scotty the opportunity to share his borderline-manic Disney obsession with someone slightly more age-appropriate. Taylor's room and closets are already amply-stocked with Disney paraphernalia, including a Dumbo costume for her first Halloween-which Scotty bought even before Taylor was born.

"I'm sure she's going to hate Minnie Mouse later on," he said.

Almost as much as he hates it when people ask if Taylor can do The Worm.


Albert & Scotty invade Disneyland
by Phil Speer

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Its a Small World, except when Albert is included.
When Scotty 2 Hotty learned that Vengeance was in Southern California, one thing went through his mind: Disneyland.

Scotty -- who Mick Foley once described as a complete Disney psychotic - took his new tag team partner, Albert, to the Happiest Place on Earth on Saturday. Although Albert is also a huge fan of Disney and has been to Disney World several times, it was his first trip to Disneyland. And its one that hell undoubtedly never forget.

When Scotty took Albert - all 350 pounds of him -- on the Its a Small World ride, their part of the boat started sinking.

Its because of Scotty, Albert joked. People started screaming, Shut it down!

By the time Albert and Scotty got out of their boat, about an inch of water filled the bottom. They partook in the ride once again, but this time they paid more attention to weight distribution, Albert said.

He added that he was also a bit too big for Space Mountain. The cars on that ride normally seat two people, but Phat Albert had one all to himself.

Overall, the former Intercontinental Champion was more than satisfied with his initial Disneyland experience.

It was just as good, if not better (than Disney World), because all the Christmas decorations were up, Albert said.

Scotty, meanwhile, has been to Disneyland -- and Disney World - several times. And hes plotting to go even more in the future.

Scottys wife is pregnant with the couples first child. When Scotty was told that all children who are born at Disneyland get lifelong passes to the park, Scotty started plotting.

Right now I have (my wife) chained to a bench on Main Street, Scotty joked.